Equipments and Financial Assistance

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Financial Support:

A special needs award is provided by the Disabled Social Assistance Department through the following procedures:


  1. Complete the application for the award, with the required documents attached.
  2. Submit the form to any social service agency throughout the Kingdom.
  3. Submit the case study and prepare a report as per the relevant form.
  4. Request a study by the committee assigned to review award applications.
  5. Register the bank account number of the beneficiary or representative.
  6. Award shall be made as of the 15th of each month through beneficiaries' bank accounts in various local banks.


Disabled Card (Click Here)




Disability types:


Disability provisions shall be given to every patient suffering from one or more of the following disabilities:


·         physical disability

·         mental disability

·         visual disability

·         hearing disability

·         autism

·         brain damage

·         various other disabilities.


Disability measures:


·         Hearing disability measures


·         International classifications of vision disabled patients.


Supporting devices:


The Ministry provides many supporting devices such as:

·         wheelchairs

·         bath chairs

·         crutches

·         medial earphones.


For more information about supporting devices, please refer to the Social and Rehabilitation Services.


Click here to download the Social Service application


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